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Conferences and Seminars

The Lifesaving Foundation is delighted to announce that its 2022 International Drowning Prevention Conference is taking place in Waterford City from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th June, 2022. The venue for the conference will be in Waterford City Hall and the social base for the conference is the Tower Hotel. The hotel and city hall are on the same street and will make access for visitors most convenient.

All those wishing to attend the conference must complete the application form available here REGISTRATION FORM. Acceptance of your booking will be confirmed by e-mail.

There is no attendance fee for the conference but to help with the cost of hosting the event the Foundation are asking that a donation should be made through our website or by bank transfer. Please make your donation on our payments page using this link.

On the first evening of the conference the 2021 International Ireland Medal will be presented to Dr. David Szpilmann MD from Brazil.

The conference brochure is available from this site by clicking here; CONFERENCE BROCHURE.