Please download the membership form and complete.

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You can forward it with your cheque if you are paying this way.

Otherwise email the scanned form to


Members make play active or passive roles in the Foundation choosing to seek election to the Board of Directors or simply to have access to information in the Members Only section.

Membership of the Lifesaving Foundation brings the following benefits;

1.  Members have a personal right to attend Foundation research conference as an Observer on payment of the appropriate fees.

2.  Members can Log In to the member’s part of the website where they will find filmed conference presentations, new and old research papers, copies of national and international drowning reports, copies of television news reports on drownings and rescues, and other filmed reports and events.

3.  Members receive free copies of Foundation conference DVD's containing the filmed presentations.

4.  Members receive copies of all Foundation safety and educational publications. 

5.  Members receive regular updates on Foundation projects worldwide.

6.  Members have a vote at the Foundation Annual General Meeting (AGM).

7.  Members are eligible to offer themselves for election as a Director of the company and charity.

Organisations can apply for membership naming an individual as their contact person.